KB Capsule Collection®

Mission Statement

The KB Capsule Collection is a Brand that consists of limited edition quality clothing and accessories.  

The Brand was created By Q. Brown, whom designs and creates under the moniker G-Field. The “KB” initials that boldly signifies the aforementioned brand. Stands for Kira Bryant whom is the biological daughter of G-Field. Kira’s life was subsequently cut short due to an unexpected tragic single car crash, that took place January 15th 2021.  Kira was openly, without shame a member of the LGBTQ community. She loved all people no matter their origin, race, religion, gender, color or creed. 

Kira Loved to dress, style & accessorize herself every since I can remember.  Her undeniable, uncanny ability to dress fresh & finesse was something that she just naturally gravitated towards.  When she was younger I would take her shopping while helping her pick out nice garments. So it would be safe to say, since very early on I help shape, mold & solidify her sense of style as well as her passion for fashion. 

In conclusion this line of clothing was started to do nothing more than commemorate her life, legacy & memory until infinity. In addition, I want those who DID NOT know Kira personally to be able to learn things about her & connect with her kinetic energy. While knowing that no matter what, throughout all the mental anguish & emotional turmoil one may experience. It’s always important to remain true to yourself. Just as Kira did until she was properly laid to rest❗️

- G Field

KB Capsule Collection®